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ascending to higher design

BaseCamp Design Workshop is a full-service architecture and design practice located in Portland, Maine.

We emphasize the deepest definition of architecture as “formation or construction resulting from a conscious act,” and we embrace an open minded design philosophy to explore projects in various scales and disciplines.

Our diverse undertakings, from the theoretical to the practical, strive to capture the complexity of the human experience and our place within the natural world. We aim to explore the potential of what we and our clients can achieve rather than accepting the current status quo. As our name suggests, basecamp is just the starting point of departure. From here, we ascend to find the high potential in every project.

1. architecture

The physical manifestation of the human spirit is accomplished through the practice of architecture. It goes beyond the organization of floor plans and the drafting of details. Architecture serves to capture who we are as humans and what our place is in the natural world. This endeavor is our passion and we welcome every opportunity to explore it.

2. design

Life is not constrained by four walls and a roof, and neither are we. As a ‘design workshop’ we are driven by all things creative. As such, we extend our practice far beyond a traditional architecture firm and engage design challenges in various scales and disciplines. Nothing exists which cannot be improved through creative design.

3. Development

In many cases, a provocative idea will emerge absent of a client’s request for a specific project. In a divergence from a traditional architecture firm, we embrace these ideas and fully explore their viability. From initial concept design to capital investment to project development, if an independent idea stands to provide something of value, we strive to make it reality.

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